Sunday, December 24, 2017

Deep learning practice and trends, some key points

I went through the 1st part of the tutorial: practice. Below are some key points in Oriol's talk:


(1) The slide 7 Deep learning: zooming in is amazing! He listed the deep learning model construction elements and sorted them into different categories: Non-linearities, Optimizer, connectivity pattern, loss and hyper-parameters.

(2) The slide 21 which shows the convolution animation is great! very intuitive to understand the convolution mechanism.

(3) Slide 27 building very deep ConvNets: using deeper architecture and small filter size 3*3 will result in a large receptive field and less parameter size than using large filters.

(4) Slide 35 U-net: for image segmentation, bottleneck encoder-decoder with skip connection.


(1) Attention!

(2) Slide 62: tricks!



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