Friday, January 23, 2015

AB Jukebox FAQ English

1. A simple tutorial

1) Download music information at first launch

2) Manually start/stop download in Settings.

3) You can download single's song's information in Library.

4) Enable/disable Download when launching in Settings.

5) Choose horizontal/vertical features (mood, timbre, rhythm)

6) 10 features available

7) Choose songs by drawing

 8) Play!

9) You can watch this simple tutorial in app Settings.

2. Browse song information in Wikip├ędia

1) Tap a song point on feature pad, then tap its title.

2) Swipe left a song cell in Playlist.

3) Swipe left a song cell in Library.

4) You can search Wikip├ędia by song title, artist name or album name.

3. What's the two points on the right of a song in Library?

The upper point is an indicator of MusicBrainz (, the lower point is an indicator of AcousticBrainz ( 

The blue color means this song's information has been found in the database. The gray color means its information has not been found in the database.

4. Why I can't find some songs (or all of them) on the feature pad?

1) One possible reason is your unfound music files are not tagged properly. AcousticBrainz Jukebox queries song information from database by matching its song title, artist name and album title (optional).

You can download music tagging software Picard, and tag your unfound music files. A tutorial of tagging music file can be found here.

2) If you still can't find these songs on pad, it's probably that the information of these music don't exist in database. You can use this software to calculate the information and then upload it to the database.

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